Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truth or Lie. Part II.

Mandy thinks she is 7 years old.
True. Do not try to convince her that she is actually 3. It gets ugly.

I bought acid washed, peg-legged jeans.
There is an 80s party coming up and I bought the pants as part of my costume. 
I'm apprehensive to wear them,
but my husband has convinced me that I look foxy in them. 
Pictures may or may not follow of me actually wearing the pants.

I played air piano in front of church on Sunday.
This is also true. 
I was asked to play the last song during the morning service at church. I sat down at the keyboard and my fingers were tickling the faux ivories and.... nothing. The piano had zero sound. 
Everyone was staring. 
The pastor turned around expectantly and said, "Let's close in song," in that solemn pastor-like voice. 
I shook my head and said, "I got nothin'."
After a few moments, someone started singing "Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul". 
I couldn't have agreed more.

Mullets rock.
Again with the 80s party. Mullets rocked the 80s! As I was writing this post, I was shopping for mullet wigs online. 
They are extravagant in their obnoxiousness.


Sorry about that. 

I didn't end up ordering the wigs. For one, they are extravagant in their obnoxiousness. 
And two, I didn't want to spend $8 each plus $7 shipping and handling on something that would inhibit other guests from being able to eat their dinner.

We have a toddler sized zucchini in our garden.
True. It happens every year. I pick and pick and pick and then all of a sudden I have HUGE zucchini that I can't even lift out of the dirt.

The dapper ring-bearer outfits modeled above were only $15 each.

I'm turning 30 next week and am happy about it.
"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."  
~Mark Twain

Jeff wrestled a cow and the cow won.
Jeff said, "He had 400 pounds on me and wouldn't listen to reason." A cow got into the barn where we store the hay and was wedged between the stacks. The result are some very bruised ribs. It could have been worse. Eek. 

Emma is working on inventing a machine that folds laundry
(go ahead and pre-order yours now).
Emma is very excited these days about inventing things. I enjoy watching her brain work. She often draws pictures and talks through the process. She's also working on a vacuum that sucks up toys and throws them into the correct location in a child's room.

Rem is walking fast and furious.
This right here is the lie. Rem isn't walking. Not even close. For being an early crawler, he has no interest in walking. 

I am painting my entryway a stellar shade of taupe.
I completed it yesterday. It is taupe-tacular.

I am painting an end table a stellar shade of red.
The jury is still out on whether or not this will happen. 

Thanks to all who participated in my quiz. As you can see, it's been eventful around here. :)



Jayne said...

Two things:
1: I did have pants like those you pictured. I didn't like them when I had them, (ankles too tight to dress in a hurry) but they were sturdy and worked well for hay hauling pants (and I didn't care if they got a rip/tear) :)
2: and is that McGyver holding Remi? :)

Carissa said...

Ha ha! I knew it :) Walking is so overrated! Everyone told me not to rush it and now I KNOW why! Landon does not even want me to hold him anymore he kicks me! So he has to walk everywhere BUT everything is within grabbing reach.....


Sherri said...

I like Mark Twain's quote. You may as well embrace aging its inevitable if we stay here on earth...
If anyone could look good in a mullet it would be Jeff and Remi

joyq said...

I don't like this. I love it. Also, how you are keeping up two wonderful blogs boggles the mind. I have to pick- blog or take a shower. Your my hero.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious mullet photo-shopping!!

I think you should wear those jeans to dinner on "thursday" ...

See you soon!

Andee said...

I think we may need to stage a photo shop intervention. First the mustaches, now mullets? its gone too far!!

Linds and Manda said...

Sorry that I missed your quiz. I read this post and wasn't too sure what you were talking about...then I scrolled down and it all makes sense. The wedding went well and Brad is married. We're off to WI where life hopefully will slow down for a bit. Blogging may again be part of my life. :)