Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OMSI and Wild Kratts

 Saturday was a day for OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).

The kids' favorite show, Wild Kratts, was doing a special presentation and my sister got tickets weeks before.

Ironically, my sister was going to be helping a retreat and already asked me to watch her two boys. Why not throw OMSI and Wild Kratts into the fun too? My parents graciously agreed to travel down from Oly to Portland for this adventure. I also convinced Jeff to accompany us with my flirtatious smile (the rain pouring down helped my cause too).

OMSI had lots of hands-on events and Mandy and Rem enjoyed the preschool room.

Never too many pictures, right? 

I was experimenting with my settings and these photo won't be winning any awards. The lighting was incredibly poor and I used a 1.8f and 100 shutter speed for most of these pictures. Adjusting the light balance from room to room also helped. These particular pictures were in a room with incandescent spot lighting, while the ones in the auditorium were florescent. 

Nano, Ben, and Emma were off with Grandma and Grandpa at this point while Mandy and Rem discovered to her heart's content. 

Now on to Wild Kratts.

We didn't really know what to expect, but the kids were SO excited.

The Wild Kratts show on PBS starts with two brothers explaining an amazing animal in some exotic location and then they jump into cartoon mode and explore the animal's unique attributes.

I'm pretty sure the younger kids expected the brothers to come jumping out in actual cartoon form. To their dismay, they were just regular guys. Or as regular as zoologists can be.

The adults were completely captivated by the presentation.

All in all it was a terrific day. Especially since Jeff could come along with me. For everyone missing naps (including me), there were smiles all around. 

On to the next adventure....



Shawna said...

The photo of Jeff taking a nap is hilarious! At first I didn't know who these guys were and then I happen to catch a show flipping channels of them explaining why worms travel to the surface in the rain. GREAT SHOW! How fun that they got to see them in person! Thanks for introducing them to me, I am always on the look out for new entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I love the brothers Kratt. Thanks for posting the photos.

Lesley said...

That last picture is CLASSIC. Makes me smile.

Sherri said...

Nano covering his ears when they are choosing animals is pretty funny too!