Saturday, October 08, 2011

Celebrating Remington

Our Remington turned 2 years old on Thursday.

It sounds cliche to say, "where did the time go?" But it is so true!

He ran right from snuggling babyhood into this boyland that is pretty wild and crazy at times.

As you would expect, he is very active and runs everywhere. 

His favorite place to be is outside, outside, and outside. Now that he can open doors, we have to extra vigilant as he has no problem exploring the world solo.... and without shoes.

He can transport dirt from one place to another for hours. This is such a boy thing!

Every time I look at our little man he is growing up. 

Also, showing his growing independence.... ie "mine!", throwing fits, being aggressive when he doesn't get his way, and being frustrated when he can't do things. Most of the time he would rather "do the crime and pay the fine," but with discipline he softens and says sorry -- eventually.

The look above is one he gives often when he's done something wrong. It says, "What? I wasn't aware that was unacceptable behavior." He is really smart though, and I have to remind myself that even though he doesn't talk much and gives me this innocent face, he knows exactly what he is doing.

His latest amazing trick is taking off his clothes, especially at nap time. One day last week I got him up from his nap to find him completely naked, his crib sheet off, and holes torn in his crib mattress. Perhaps we've been watching too many McGuyver reruns because I think Rem was trying to tunnel out. Not sure why he needed to take off his clothes, but the thought process doesn't need to be very deep for a 2 year old. 

I've finally found a combination of onesies and backwards cloth diapers that he can't get out of. And a tighter crib sheet. Unless he takes a Swiss Army tool to bed, we're safe for awhile.

His vocabulary is still slowly coming along.

We get a kick out of his excited exclamations about every truck ("truck"), tractor ("truck" or "papa"), train ("truck"), and air plane ("plane") that he sees.

"What's that?" and "I un know," are his only phrases.

"Daddy" is the word I hear most all day long as Remington sees things that remind him of Daddy from white pick-ups, the sound of diesel engines, tractors driving by the house, to dirt and lawn mowers. He is such a Daddy's boy. I like to get him up in the morning because it is the only time I'll get a hug from the little mover. Even then, he snuggles for about 3 seconds and then pops his head up and says, "Daddy?"

Our growing boy is now 34 1/2 inches tall, 6 inches in height in 6 months.

He is tall and skinny, making clothes hard to fit. His 2T one piece jammies are stretched to capacity, and I bought him 3T for his birthday -- they fit perfectly. Crazy!

All his 2T pants are also too short (suddenly). I'm still so thankful for the abundance of hand-me downs from my sister's boys, my cousin's son, and a few friends who also gave generously. I sort through the clothes often trying to find things that fit and are the right season. We keep him looking pretty handsome. :)

We celebrated Remington's birthday with a quick trip away as a family and I did a lot of staring at our funny boy and reflecting on how precious he is. How did we live without this addition to our family? His entertainment at the table, dancing with the girls, easy giggles, and excited zeal for life are just amazing to us. We are so, so, thankful for our Remington James.



Sara said...

Good summary post - you'll be glad you got all the details down before they become fleeting memories. Little boys sure do love their daddy's, huh? :) I thought they were supposed to favor their mommies at this age, but my Ben (and it sounds like your Rem) would pick his daddy almost any day over me, and all the stuff that goes with daddy too (boats, trucks, fish, etc). I guess mommy's world of cooking and cleaning just can't compete! ;)

Anonymous said...

This was fun to read! Reminds me of Jack! He's getting so big and is as cute as ever! Janelle

Andee said...

I love that kid! And his sweater. Such a well dressed little fella :)