Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Picture time

Sunday night, my friend Kellie came out and took pictures of me. She is starting a photography business and wanted to try some maternity shots. I was happy to oblige since the prego pictures of myself that I have previously taken with the timer on my camera make me want to curl up and cry. You can see more pictures from the photo shoot on Kellie's photography blog. Click here.

We were at the farm for these pictures and I've always loved this rustic red barn. This is what I look like around the house every day, just in case you were curious. The dress, curled hair, loads of make-up, and jewelry -- totally me.  Excuse me please, my toddler just peed on the couch after stripping off her clothes without me knowing it. It's all about glamor here.

"I could climb up in that tree," popped out of my mouth before I realized that I am not exactly spry these days. With some effort and a block of wood for a step, I lumbered up there. I am glad I did though because it is such a fairy tale like scene. 

I am really happy with the pictures and I am glad that Kellie took them for me! It makes me feel better about my 33 week pregnant self and a bit better about the 7 weeks I have to go.

Monday evening I took pictures of Grant, a longtime family friend. His dad was actually my youth pastor when I was in high school. I babysat Grant and his sister and restrained myself from telling "I remember when" stories as I took his Senior Portraits.

I just edited a few pictures of him for his family to see and posted them on my photography blog. Click here to see the rest of those.

I am taking a break from the photography business, starting September 1st. Walking around and getting up and down, up and down while shooting is getting harder every day. A panting photographer looks oh, so professional. I am thankful for this little side business that I can do when I want and take a break when I need to. I'll be doing family sessions in the Fall again as many people have requested pictures for Christmas cards. The creative outlet is such a blessing to me and with my business, I hope to be able to give others quality images that are actually affordable! A friend of mine in California said she can't find a photographer with a sitting fee less than $300 and they charge $100s more for prints. The poor dear! If only I lived closer.


Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

If only...

Can't believe you hiked yourself into that tree. Things we'll do for a good picture;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Alysun.
Can you tell me where that sunflower field is???? Whose is it??? I'd love to take pictures of my daughter there.
~Cherie from CM.

Lesley Miller said...

I absolutely love the tree picture. Good for you for getting up there. You'll love that picture for years to come!

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures of you!